Team 4814

Team 4814

Team 4814 is a part of the FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC), an international competition for high-school students. Each year a challenge is given out and teams have 6 weeks to build a robot weighing up to 120 pounds. Team 4814 is based in London, Ontario and comprises of students based in two high schools. This year Saunders Secondary School, and Medway Secondary School have combined forces to tackle the new year’s challenge.

The Incubator

Team 4814 has been created as a team incubator. Each year new students and teachers are accepted onto the team whose schools are not willing to start an FRC team. Up to 5 students or teachers from a given school spend a year learning the ropes of FRC by being a part of team 4814. The goal for each school is to start a new team at their own school for the next FRC season. Throughout the year, all members are required to work on setting up a support system within their school for this to happen.

Teams started from the Incubator system:
Team 3739 Oakbotics
Team 4617 DAUN
Team 5870 League of Logic

Team 4814 was first established during the 2012-2013 school year, when students from London Central Secondary School and Oakridge Secondary School joined forces to create a single FRC Team. The team was started by the WE FIRST club because of a lack of support within the schools. With the joint assistance of Eugen Porter, Founder of the WE FIRST Club at Western University, and the university student mentors, they successfully built the team’s first robot.

That inaugural year, the game was called Ultimate Ascent which challenged students to build a robot to shoot Frisbees into 3 different goals and climb a 10 ft pyramid. Team 4814 won the Greater Toronto West Regional, going on to place in the top 8 at the World Championships. Throughout the year students learned about innovation first-hand by building, enhancing, and reworking the robot. The hard work and tireless effort of all members, as well as the support of sponsors allowed Team 4814 to achieve one of the best rookie years in FIRST history.

In 2014, the game Aerial Assist consisted of tossing a giant yoga ball into 2 different levels of goals while working with 2 other teams to complete this challenge. Team 4814 was awarded the “Gracious Professionalism” award for helping the other teams and demonstrating good sportsmanship throughout the competition.

In 2016, the game FIRST Stronghold consisted of trying to breach the defenses on the opponent’s castle and weaken it by throwing ‘boulders’ into the windows of the castle. Team 4814 competed all the way to the semi-finals and was awarded the “Excellence in Engineering” award.

Team 4814, with all of its new members, is extremely excited for this year’s season and hopes to grow London’s awareness of FIRST Robotics. If you are interested in sponsoring Team 4814 please contact This program gives students an unprecedented opportunity to learn about engineering, an opportunity unavailable in the standard school curriculum but it is not possible without the help of sponsors.